what if?


its not about me


Thats, what i believe is why i do all this. We live in a time where stories are all about us and ourselves and everyone is trying to get as much attention as he can, trying to sell himself and not working hard anymore. It seems kind of a hopeless circle to me mostly because all of them are more or less the same: no honesty at all. Life is about more than just being, having and knowing. Truth to me is something far more hidden, more hopeful and more general - not only for those who believe in success but those who believe in the greatness of those who work hard to get somewhere with what they have.

I'm 22 years old, part of a family tree with strong commitments to art and history
and share an appartment with the most awesome guys in biel switzerland. I work for a branding-agency in bern as a media producer.

I am a perfectionist. Observing somebody creating something out of his talents, is one of the biggest things in my life. watching my dad in his garage, crafting furniture  or repairing electronics catched my attention so much, that i got a professional technician. having that one metal piece in the hand and shaping something out of it, putting it into the machine and it works, is the richest experience of success i ever had.

on the other hand i am a dreamer, i always saw and felt in a very unique way. i tended always to depressions, was shaken by sad things. but a glimpse of light in a large amount of darkness is my personal opinion of what it means to interpret hope; it is honest but knows, that at the end, there is always light. with time i learned to use that weakness as a strength and giving an eye to details, seeing what is unseen, hearing what has lost voice, what enriches the truth behind every story. what was different to the mechanics was, that photography and filmmaking is good when it has edges and contains imperfection. imperfection is beautiful, imperfection has heart and is humble.

thats what brought me to the path of visual storytelling.

i seek light in all things.
i love stories,
 work hard to be able,
to keep the good and beautiful ones
in books, on walls and in the hearts
of a few

id love to hear yours.


is it, what you are looking for? feel free to contact me.